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fine arts
In this section completely dedicated to the fine arts, we present our four collections of limited edition prints. For information and prices, please contact Pamela Ventimiglia.
slices of fruits and vegetables
sometimes you see something in front of you with new eyes. I sectioned fruit in thin slices, photographing them against the light on a overhead projector. The harmony and the beauty of nature can be found even in the most hidden part of a humble fruit.

motus animi
The perception of places more than the places themselves. The appeal of emotion in movement, of a color or an impression through aesthetic research of the fleeting moment.

panorama, toscana
More than a work in progress this is a work stretching to infinity: my intention is to gather a substantial number of panoramas that constitute a final portrait of a vanishing Tuscany. All the while I seek to express, in a modern key, the equilibrium, the exactness and the clean lines of the Renaissance artists: deep skies, linear landscapes and a wide-ranging variety of scenery.